What Are The Healthiest Diets?

What Are The Healthiest Diets?

Don’t be deceived by conventional dieting methods. Most of them are lies. The most common questions in dieting today are “what is the healthiest diet” or “what is is the best diet” and ” what are the most successful diets”. The healthiest diets are the ones which don’t have any negative side effects and improve your health, longevity and energy. The best diets are the ones which gives fast results without hurting your health. The most successful diets are the ones which do both.

Unfortunately most diets which do give fast results are dangerous such as diet pills because they have harmful side effects. Other extreme dieting methods such as starvation or eating certain foods that force weight loss can harm your kidney. So this reveal 2 things. First the healthiest diet and second the fastest diet. They are out there and you will now find out what they are.

The first diet is called “The Mediterranean Diet”. It is and unusual diet because most of it’s foods are 40% more fatty than many western society’s foods and instead of eating less, you eat more. But statistics have shown that people who do try this diet lose 20-30 pounds in a month, have reduced risks of cancer, heart disease, diabetes, stroke, increased longevity and much more. Strange isn’t it?

The Mediterranean Diet is not really a diet but rather a healthy lifestyle. All you have to do is follow a food pyramid that is designed to implement the Mediterranean Diet. People usually see results in a month and even though the foods in are 40% more fatty, it is still considered one of the most healthiest diets to perform. Even though this diet originated in the Mediterrean, you can find the foods in your local supermarket. The main focus of the Mediterranean Diet is to give your body specifically healthy foods so that it may heal itself which will basically lead to greater health, more energy and greater resistance against disease/s.

Now the second diet is designed to give fast results if you aren’t interested in the first method. It has become one of the most successful diets because of it’s rapid effect. It is called Calorie Shifting. It is a form of dieting which also requires that you eat more foods but the key is to shift the calorie values of every meal. When you do this, your body’s fat burning system is enhanced and it naturally burns more fat and increases metabolism. People have been known to lose 10 or more pounds in less than 2 weeks when performing the calorie shifting diet. It is not uncommon.

Now both of these dieting methods are very safe and healthy. The Mediterranean Diet is considered one of the healthiest diets and healthiest lifestyles in the world where as calorie shifting is considered one of the fastest diets.